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Fantastic deals on FlyQ EFB and ChartData subscriptions.
Just for FATPNW Premium Members!

We're based in the Seattle area so maybe a little biased, but we think that if you fly in the Pacific Northwest you deserve the best. That's why we teamed up with FATPNW (Flights Above The Pacific Northwest) to offer exclusive offers to FATPNW Premium members. Just email us a copy of your FATPNW Premium card and tell us which offer you'd like. The links below describe each product and show the normal, not FATPNW Premium member, price. And be sure to check out the very active FATPNW group on Facebook.

Offers (12 month US subscriptions):

  • FlyQ EFB: VFR $49 (normally $69); VFR + IFR $99 (normally $139)
  • Dynon or AFS ChartData (VFR + IFR): $79 (normally $99)
  • KSN 770 ChartData: $249 (normally $299)
  • Aspen ChartData: $249 (normally $299)
  • GRT ChartData: VFR $79 (normally $99); VFR + IFR $159 (normally $199)