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Incredibly easy to use,
unique and powerful features,
amazing price.
Now iPad and iPhone.

No wonder it's #1 rated!

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New version 3.2.1 with ADS-B tail numbers, Buddy list, Slingshot wireless ChartData transfer, and recently cleared IFR routes!

FlyQ EFB, for the iPad and iPhone, is the #1 rated aviation app because it makes your flying easier and safer by thoughtfully integrating powerful features in a way that minimizes the number of screen taps and increases readability (e.g. larger fonts for older eyes). The exclusive Augmented Reality (AR) feature adds a new dimension to situational awareness. Pilots also love that it supports more than 20 different ADS-B systems, connects to Avidyne and Dynon in-panel systems, and is reasonably priced with annual subscriptions for just $69 (VFR) or $139 (IFR + VFR).  What's included at each subscription level?

Now pilots can stay with the same app as they move up from inexpensive portable ADS-B receivers to certified, 2020 compliant ADSB-In and Out systems!

Other key features (new ones in bold) include Split screen, looks for and uses recently cleared ATC routes for IFR flights, ADS-B tail numbers with exclusive Buddy List, patent-pending Slingshot wireless ChartData transfer to in-panel avionics,3D synthetic vision, flight recorder / playback / export, plates on the map, automatic fuel stop planning based on lowest prices, 4,600+ Seattle Avionics airport diagrams, flight tracks, rich Documents support, procedures/diagram annotation, helicopter and Gulf of Mexico overlays, extended runways, distance measurement systems, fuel prices, full Leidos support, CAP grids and search patterns, wind-optimized flight planning, and plates and diagrams for Mexico and Central America.

If you're still using another app, perhaps it's time to ask yourself why.  Download a free trial of FlyQ EFB and make your own decision.

Requires an iPad 2 or later (including the iPad mini) and/or an iPhone 5 or later. iPad Air or later / iPhone 6S or later recommended.

ADS-B Tail Numbers
  ATC Routing
  Flight Recorder
  Procedure/Diagram Annoations
Wind Optimizer and Measurement
Status Info
Aerial Photo Layer
Night Mode and Track Up Plates
Distance and Time Rings
SA Airport Diagrams
Map and Scratchpad
ADS-B Traffic
Search and Rescue Patterns
Search and Rescue Grids
Airport Info and Extended Runways
Airport Info
Rubber Band
Wx Gallery
ChartData Manager