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Voyager and FlyQ EFB are easy to use but they have a lot of features so a little knowledge lets you take full advantage of al the features.  It's a little like sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft for the first time...... there are a lot of buttons and switches.  But like a well-designed aircraft, once you fly FlyQ EFB or Voyager for a while everything is obvious and intuitive.

In order to familiarize you with the app, we have created a variety of training tools and aids.  These will help potential customers, new customers, and even long-time users.  Available are:

  • Demo Videos, which are always available to view at anytime.
  • Live Webinars which you can sign up for, and listen and watch while one of our staff walks you through some aspect of FlyQ EFB or Voyager.
  • Voyager has extensive help from the Help Menu that is always available and context sensitive. So if you see a Help button within a window, you know that it will open to an explanation that is relevant to that window.
  • For Voyager, a Printed Manual, which is the complete Help Menu in a PDF format. You can download it here, or from within the Voyager Help menu.
  • For FlyQ EFB, a great Getting Started Guide.



We've assembled several animated demonstrations of Voyager.

Voyager Using the SkyPad
Voyager Voyager Overview (Voyager 4)
Voyager DUAT Voyager
 (The video is for Voyager FreeFlight but the products are very similar.)
Voyager Webinar:  What's New in Voyager 4
GlassView GlassView (moving map) (10 minutes)
SmartPlan SmartPlan (flight planning) (11 minutes)
SmartPlates SmartPlates (IFR procedures) (12 minutes)

In-Depth (applies to all modules)
Using and Modifying Charts (Voyager 4)
Voyager Information (6 minutes)
Voyager Printing (6 minutes)
Voyager Weather (10 minutes)
Voyager GPS/Options/Tools (5 minutes)
Voyager High Performance Aircraft (6 minutes)

These require Macromedia Flash.  If you don't already have Flash (you probably do), you can download it free of charge from Macromedia.


We are pleased to introduce a series of real-time, Web-based seminars ("Webinars") for AOPA FlyQ EFB and Voyager.  Both existing customers and trial users will benefit from a better understanding of how to use the many features of the applications.  We have both introductory and advanced Webinars.

What is a Webinar?  Using your Web browser, you watch, listen and learn as a Seattle Avionics expert uses FlyQ EFB or Voyager, walking through basic and advanced features.  You can ask questions via instant-messaging.  We use a third-party Web hosting service that requires no special software on your part; just log in and learn.


Space is limited for each Webinar.  To sign up, please click on one or more of the sessions below.  Email us at if you have any questions.
Wed 09/28/2016 10:00 AM (Pacific)Intro to FlyQ EFB & the FlyQ Family
101– most basic level webinar on FlyQ for the iPad, and where it fits in the FlyQ Family, for new FlyQ owners or 30 day trial users.


Voyager Help Menu and Printed Manual

There is an extensive, updated Help system within Voyager.  Select Common Tasks from the Help menu to begin.

In addition, a comprehensive User's Guide, suitable for printing, is available in PDF form. 

Click to download the complete Voyager User's Guide.

Tip: The printed manual is fairly large (about 20 MB) so we suggest you download it and save it to your Desktop rather than browse it on the Web each time you need it. To do that, use your mouse to right-click the download link above and select Save Target As rather than just click the link.

If you would like an Adobe PDF copy of the Voyager Brochure, please download it here. 

Download Brochure