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What is Augmented Reality and why do I care?

Augmented Reality is something of a mix of the real world and virtual reality. It blends a real video feed from your iPad or iPhone with computer-generated overlays to show approximate airport positions against the same image you see when you look outside the plane. It's extremely helpfulf for situational awareness and makes it easy to thruthfully say "Yes" when the tower asks if you have an airport in sight. It's especially helpful for smaller airports in hard to see areas, in poor visibility conditions, and at night.

Does the Augmented Reality require any additional hardware?

It requires a GPS. All iPhones include a GPS so nothing else to buy but WiFi-only iPads do not so would need an external Bluetooth GPS. Cellular iPads include a GPS that works regardless of whether you have a cellular data plan or not. FlyQ InSight does not officially support ADS-B receivers. However, because of the way the Dual XGPS 170 and 190 work, they will provide a GPS feed to the app. We also unofficialy support the GPS feed (only) from a FreeFlight Systems, Clarity, or Stratux ADS-B (if it includes a GPS, of course) via the X-Plane switch in Settings.

How accurate is the augmented reality? Can I land using it?

It is definitely for situational awareness only and should NOT be used to land. The accuracy is good, especially when the camera is positioned out the front of the plane and the LOCK button is ON (that is, green), but not intentended as a substitute for approved navigational systems. It's designed to show you approximately where the airports are.

Does FlyQ InSight work with iOS 10?


What's the difference between FlyQ InSight and FlyQ EFB?

FlyQ EFB is a full-blown, top-rated aviation app with all the bells and whistles including VFR and IFR charts, geo-referecned approach plates and airport diagrams, airport info, weather, and flight planning. It has an annual fee of $69 for VFR data or $139 for IFR and VFR data. FlyQ InSight includes augmented reality, airport info, weather, and flight planning but no maps, approach plates, or airport diagrams. It's also 100% free.

Does FlyQ InSight support Lockheed Martin Flight Services?

Yup. Use either Lockheed (Leidos) or DUATS. Choose your provider by changing your pilot profile in Settings then Pilots.

Android version? iPhone version?

FlyQ InSight is currently for iOS only. However, FlyQ Pocket works for Android and can be downloaded the Android version via Google Play. FlyQ Pocket is very similar to FlyQ InSight but without the newer Augmented Reality features.

I'm a Canadian pilot so can't use DUAT. What do I do?

We don't have a lot of Canadian data in the product but, if you fly in the US, there is a workaround. Simply select 'Lockheed Martin' as your weather provider.

My aircraft isn't in the list

Sorry about that. If you send an email to Seattle Avionics Technical Support with the manufacturer, model, and FAA/ICAO TYPE identifier (like a Cessna 172 is TYPE C172), we'll try to add it for the next release.

In the meantime you can select Experimental as the Manufacturer then pick High, Medium, or Low Performance as the Model. Not ideal but it gives ATC what they need.

How do I delete flight plans?

From the list of flight plans, tap the Edit button at the top of the screen then tap the - button next to the flight plan you wish to delete and confirm by tapping the Delete button.

Alternately, once you open the flight plan (that is, see the NavLog), tap the button that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it (Apple calls this an Action button). Delete is the first choice but you can also use this to print or email the flight plan.

How is this different than AOPA Go?

In addition to Augmented Reality, FlyQ InSight works seamlessly with FlyQ EFB on the iPad and our new FlyQ Online Web-based aviation information / flight planning system. AOPA Go does not share any data outside of AOPA apps and services.

How do I add aircraft and pilot info so I can plan a flight?

Tap the Plans tab on the bottom of the screen.

I have a Seattle Avionics Voyager account but it doesn't seem to work here

Thanks for being a Seattle Avionics customer; We really appreciate it.

Voyager for Windows includes a feature called WebSynch that takes all your flight plans, aircraft profiles, your pilot profile, etc. and stores them in the cloud. This is what FlyQ InSight uses, not just a normal Voyager subscription. We understand that this can be a little confusing. This WebSynch system allows you to transfer flight plans betwen the iPhone and your PC.

To resolve, just open Voyager for Windows and select WebSynch from the File menu to create the WebSynch account (free, of course). This put all your flight information in the cloud for AOPA FlyQ to see and use.

Then use those credentials in FlyQ InSight (in the Settings tab) and you'll be good to go. Or you can just create a new account.

Are there any known bugs in the app?

Nothing significant, no. The most recent release fixed all the bugs we know about. That said, if you think you found a problem, have a question, or have a suggestion, please let us know by sending email to

How about countries other than the United States?

We're sorry but FlyQ InSight is really just for flying within the United States; it has no data for other countries.

I have other questions. Who do I contact?


Who makes FlyQ?

FlyQ InSight is owned, designed, and developed by Seattle Avionics.

Founded in 2002, Seattle Avionics develops cutting-edge aviation software, ChartData™ aviation data, and the popular SkyPad complete EFB solution. The company?s Voyager Flight Software System for Windows is a consistent winner of Aviation Consumer?s award for Best Flight Planner. Seattle Avionics provides state-of-the-art US and European aviation ChartData to many major aviation companies including Dynon, Aspen Avionics, Honeywell (Bendix/King), GRT, and more. The company is working on a range of aviation software and data products designed to make general aviation flying easier, safer, more fun, and more affordable. Please see for more information.

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