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Faster, Smarter, More Reliable!

The ChartData Manager provides ChartData to apps and devices (certified, non-certified, portable devices and in-panel systems).

System Requirements: 64 bit Windows based systems. (Windows 7 or newer). Not supported on Mac OS.
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Major Features

• Support for nearly a dozen different apps and devices including Dynon, Aspen, BendixKing, GRT, AFS, AvMap, and more.
• Automatically downloads and installs the digital navigation databases for Dynon SkyView and AFS products.
• Support for nearly a dozen different apps and devices including Dynon, Aspen, AFS, BendixKing, GRT, AvMap, and more.
• Scanned charts for the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Southern Canada, and Mexico.
• Substantial status information when the update cycle is running.
• Expiration dates for all data products clearly visible on the screen.
• Copies data to SD cards or USB memory sticks.
• Downloads data in the background while your PC is running.
• Automatically retries downloads if errors occur.
• Data integrity checks are performed automatically.
• Looks for and corrects errors and corrupted files on the device and PC during the update.
• USB drives and SD memory cards can be formatted and prepared for some apps and devices using the Storage Manager.
• The Storage Manager shows information about USB drives and SD cards.
• The Data Manager can automatically run in the background when Windows starts so data is automatically downloaded. This removes the need for the user to manually start the Data Manager and press the 'Update Now' button. Automatic downloads can be disabled in the Options screen.
• Support for Large Font mode including the super-large font mode in Windows 7 and later.

Improvements in Version

• Support for Australian ChartData for the Bendix King KSN 770
• Automatically downloads and installs the US digital navigation databases for Dynon Skyview and AFS products.
• Supports the latest version of Dynon and AFS system software.
• Massively improved stability across different systems.
• Rapid chart download through better system management.
• Correctly differentiates between subscriptions to avoid incorrect downloads.
• Now based on .Net version 4.72

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iPhone and iPad

The #1 rated aviation iPad EFB app - simple, full-featured, easy to read.

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iPhone and iPad

Aviation’s first practical augmented reality app with airport information, weather and flight planning.

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Windows or Mac

Web-based flight planning, fuel prices, weather and airport information.

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Flying is what we love to do. Making it safer, easier and more fun is the mission we've been on since 2002.