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FlyQ EFB Webinars

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11/24/2015CAP (Civil Air Patrol) and Aerial Photography with FlyQ EFB
Previous versions of FlyQ EFB had various forms of CAP grids on the map. New version 2.2 adds 8 search patterns for CAP and aerial photography missions. This webinar should be seen by all CAP pilots.
11/23/2015ATLAS and the FlyQ Family
All-new Web-based ATLAS is an incredible addition to the FlyQ family. We show you how to plan on your PC or Mac with ATLAS, get quick weather updates or make changes on your iPhone with FlyQ Pocket then fly with FlyQ EFB on your iPad.
11/18/2015Advanced FlyQ EFB
FlyQ EFB includes a lot of features that many users may not have discovered yet. We'll hit on some great tips and tricks in this webinar.
11/16/2015Intro to FlyQ EFB
This is a great introduction for those new to FlyQ EFB or who want a quick refresher of the basics.
11/25/2013All About ADS-B
ADS-B has quickly become a crucial element of flying. This popular Webinar covers selecting and using an ADS-B receiver. Considerable emphasis is placed on "real world" limitations of weather and, especially, traffic.
11/22/2013FlyQ EFB Boot Camp - Cockpit Tips and Tricks
This Webinar is the third in a three session "boot camp" that demonstrates both introductory and advanced topics.
This presentation covers using FlyQ EFB during a flight including modifying an existing flight plan, the use of Direct To, approach plates, airport information, the Nearest features, and more.
11/21/2013FlyQ EFB Boot Camp - Flight Planning and Weather
This Webinar is the second in a three session "boot camp" that demonstrates both introductory and advanced topics.
This presentation covers all preflight topics including weather and flight planning.
11/20/2013FlyQ EFB Boot Camp - Intro to FlyQ EFB
AOPA FlyQ EFB has quickly become a top-choice for pilots because of its revolutionary mix of simplicity and power. FlyQ EFB includes innovative features like split-screen, 3D synthetic vision, support for a variety of different ADS-B receivers, wind-optimized flight planning, and more.
This Webinar is the first in a three session "boot camp" that introduces FlyQ EFB to new users and, in the later Webinars, demonstrates advanced topics.
11/19/2013iPads in the Cockpit
This extremely popular Webinar discusses various issues in using an iPad in the cockpit. It covers choosing an iPad, the pros and cons of various iPad apps, and selecting an ADS-B receiver and GPS. It is strongly recommended for everyone using or considering an iPad.