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Intro to FlyQ EFB

FlyQ EFB from Seattle Avionics is the #1 rated aviation app because it makes your flying easier and safer by thoughtfully integrating powerful features in a way that minimizes the number of screen taps and increases readability (e.g. larger fonts for older eyes). Watch this video to get started quickly!

Reasonably priced annual VFR subscriptions for $69, IFR + VFR for $139 plus support for more than 15 different ADS-B systems doesn't hurt either!

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What's New

FlyQ EFB 3.0 is a MAJOR release that adds iPhone support to FlyQ EFB so you can fly using just your phone! It also adds a comprehensive flight data recorder and the Augmented Reality feature from FlyQ InSight.

The data recorder automatically starts and stops recording, can optionally display a breadcrumbs layer (called Flight Track) to show where you've flown, can export tracks as GPX for use in other apps (like Cloud Ahoy and Google Maps), can send a graphical summary of your flight to Facebook or Twitter, and can even playback a track within FlyQ EFB itself! Student pilots can email flight track to their CFIs and the CFIs can view and play then back from within FlyQ EFB itself!

Watch the full What's New in v3.0 video and read the new Pilot's Guide for details.


What's New in 3.0

  • ADDED: Now works on the iPhone as well as iPad (iPhone 5 or better required)
  • ADDED: Flight Data Recorder / Playback / Export (Cloud Ahoy, Facebook, etc.)
  • ADDED: Flight Track map layer
  • ADDED: Augmented Reality map option (toggled from the 3D cube button on the Map Toolbar)
  • ADDED: Helicopter and Gulf of Mexico chart overlays
  • ADDED: Plates and Airport Diagrams for Mexico and Central America
  • FIXED: Many other fixes and performance improvements (see the Pilot's Guide for an extensive list)

Previous Updates

What's is New in 2.5

  • ADDED: Now write on plates and airport diagrams with your choice of colors, pens widths, and opacity
  • ADDED: Dramatically improves Scratchpad performance and new choice of colors and pens widths
  • ADDED: Full Avidyne ADS-B support
  • ADDED: Much larger text on the Roads map layer
  • ADDED: Allow a SAR pattern with a buffer < 1 NM
  • ADDED: Now you can turn off the 15 NM traffic ring when using ADS-B
  • ADDED: Shows approach plates/airport diagrams from Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and more
  • FIXED: Gauge bar on/off state not retained between sessions
  • FIXED: ETE and GS incorrect when adding SIDs and STARs
  • FIXED: Cannot alter the initial fuel in some ICAO flight plans
  • FIXED: Crash when reversing some flight plans
  • FIXED: Crashes and performance issues with the iPad 4
  • FIXED: Stratux version # not properly displayed in ADS-B details (always says v 1.0).
  • FIXED: Altitude sometimes incorrectly displayed for Stratux users with an AHRS
  • FIXED: Multiple problems with Avidne support (heading, altitude, battery and status indicators, send/receive flight plans)
  • FIXED: New weather data not properly integrated throughout the app in some ADS-B usage scenarios
  • FIXED: Surface winds on airport diagram not properly updated in some cases.
  • FIXED: Preflight checklist sometimes reports downloads needed when they are not

What's is New in 2.4.5

  • ADDED: Substantially faster mapping performance
  • FIXED: Frequent startup crash for some users
  • FIXED: Crash when viewing a satellite image of an airport with a surface winds arrow
  • FIXED: Crash when switching to 3D mode in some cases
  • FIXED: Crash when reversing some flight plans
  • FIXED: Inability to turn off fluorescent life jackets once on
  • FIXED: Crash with Personal Waypoints layer when switching from 3D to 2D
  • FIXED: Minor text size issue in some 3D views

What's is New in 2.4.4

  • ADDED: ICAO flight planning for Lockheed and DUATS
  • FIXED: Multiple memory-leaks in ADS-B parsing (esp. for Stratux)
  • FIXED: Memory leaks in ADS-B traffic display
  • FIXED: Memory leaks in other areas
  • FIXED: Crash when going from 2D to 3D and the Rings or Extended Coursline layers are on
  • FIXED: Going from 3D to 2D does not restore the original 2D zoom level

What's is New in 2.4.3

  • ADDED: Margin notes for each Sectional in Documents
  • CHANGED: Fuel color on maps now relative to the average price in each state
  • FIXED: Startup crashes on faster iPads (iPad Pro, iPad Air 2)
  • FIXED: Fuel prices on the map not colored correctly
  • FIXED: Visual Satellite map layer does not appear
  • FIXED: Dynon ADS-B radar not correct in some cases
  • FIXED: Send to Dynon/Receive from Dynon not visible under iOS 10
  • FIXED: Rare case of Documents appearing blank
  • FIXED: Zoom/Pan not correct for graphic Documents
  • FIXED: Incorrect link from Cincinnati local to regional radar

What's is New in 2.4

  • ADDED: Document Management. The all-new Documents tab gives you immediate access to a library of more than 200 FAA publications and charts (Flyway charts, helicopter charts, etc.), weather documents, Seattle Avionics documents, legends, and more. Or easily add your own documents by entering a URL or emailing them to your iPad. Even tap to add photos already on your iPad.
  • ADDED: Support for Avidyne IFD540 and IFD440 wireless data transfer (GPS, AHRS, bi-directional flight plan transfers). Avidyne software release 10.2 required (GPS works with 10.1). More Avidyne support to come.
  • ADDED: Support for ADS-B weather and traffic from the Dynon SkyView. SkyView software release 15 required (GPS, AHRS, bi-directional flight plan transfers already available with SkyView 14).
  • FIXED: An unusual server error state can cause the app to logout and not allow users to log back in.
  • FIXED: Detailed device status information not immediately updated
  • FIXED: NavLog printing results in a clipped document.
  • FIXED: Edits to the FAA Plan form not submitted to Lockheed/DUATS in some cases.
  • FIXED: A few airports with fuel prices do not show the price on the map.
  • FIXED: Takeoff time cannot be set when creating a new flight plan.
  • FIXED: Downloads for Michigan do not include some of the state.
  • FIXED: Last-selected pilot not remembered in New Plan.
  • FIXED: Play/Pause button in sim too small on Retina iPad.
  • FIXED: Editing a flight plan can produce a negative MHdg.
  • FIXED: Tapping the Done button in the ChartData Manager takes so long to respond that it's often tapped twice.